Contact-less Solutions in Retail Business

As the country begins to lift social distancing orders and retailers begin to reopen their doors, it’s important to keep in mind that customers, while itching to get out, are still very cautious to do so. They’ll make safety a priority and choose businesses that do the same. And businesses should reciprocate in order to encourage customers to return to in-store shopping, it will soon become necessary to implement contactless solutions. These reduce human-to-human contact and minimize the risk of transferring harmful pathogens, helping to thwart the spread of coronavirus and improving customer safety.

Since there are frequent sanitization activities in place, Kiosks, Touch POS and Fixed Tablets meet this need, especially because they are designed to be durable in the harshest conditions and are usually rated IP65. Beyond improving safety, these contactless solutions can even increase sales.

You can naturally increase your profits when you reduce your expenses. And when you factor-in the longevity of POS Systems, the profit charts show significant change. When employees can’t work due to illness, injury, vacation, or other reasons, kiosks can. Kiosks never get sick, never need a vacation, and can work consecutive shifts without ever needing a break. While it’s important to keep your store well-staffed, kiosks can handle many of the responsibilities that employees handle, such as:

  • Answering basic customer service questions
  • Checking the price on items
  • Offering sales and promos
  • Helping customers locate products
  • Encouraging customers to apply for a credit or loyalty card
  • Allowing customers to self-checkout

Your employees are still vital. Kiosks cannot completely replace real, personal human interactions and the value they hold. However, kiosks and other contactless solutions can take over many small day-to-day tasks that take time away from more important responsibilities that your employees could be tending to. By implementing kiosks solutions in your store, you can reallocate your labor to more profitable areas and ensure each customer still receives a positive, and more importantly, a safe experience.

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