We have use our expertise in offering low cost, but high quality tailored made softer ware solutions and services in area including retail ,Supply chain management, accounts, POS hardware, POS accessories many other business system.

Softnet is providing Retailsoft technologies for onshore and offshore technological solutions to several sectors including -


This Retail soft  application provides various module concepts, including the following:

  • Administrator
  • Master
  • MIS
  • CRM
  • Purchase
  • Sales
  • Point of Sales (POS)
  • Inventory Management
  • Finance
  • Asset Management
  • Modified Report


RetailSoft has one module that was developed specifically for companies that sell directly to 'end users' with a modern concept, through: self-service or minimarket.Minimarkets implement a self-service system, where the buyer takes the goods he needs from the merchandise shelves and pays for them in the cashier.

As a Point of Sales application, RetailSoft is an application that functions to replace the role of the cash register, by adding important features such as: the ability to track sales based on customers, goods, location and others, manage discounts / promotions, petty cash management, neat stock management, credit card processing, etc.

Features provided by RetailSoftinclude:

The RetailSoft application can be connected to various POS equipment, such as: cash register printers, barcode scanners, customer displayers, scales, and others.


Pharmacy is one of the RetailSoft products that is specifically intended for use by pharmacies, drug stores or clinics. This product has several complete modules on the RetailSoft Standard product, plus specific modules for pharmacy.



Automotive Package, is a Retail specific module that is owned by RetailSoft, where this package can only be used by companies engaged in automotive (motorcycle / car) sales, spare part / accessories sales and service. In addition the RetailSoft Automotive package also provides a 'Mini CRM' module that is useful for building and maintaining relationships with customers.


In addition to retail business in general, this application also supports a variety of your business needs, because basically this application can be designed as customized .

The features contained in the above module include:

Basic Features

Pharmacy Specific Features

Report / Analysis

Multi User 
Multi Location 
Fully integrated 
Real time 
POS Ready 
Barcode Scanner 
Customer Display & Drawer 
Leveling Operator 
Customer Management 
Supplier Management 
Inventory Management 
Complete Purchasing Module 
Complete Sales Module 
Inventory Adjustment 
Stock card 
Stock Mutation 
Cash management 
Petty Cash Mgt 
Profit Loss 
Operational Report 
Analysis Report

Prescription and general medicine 
Medicine concoction 
Medical Record 
Powder Packaging 
Expired Date 
RFEE for concoctions 
Copy the recipe 
Price Checker 
Print Recipe & receipt 
Doctor Management 
Drug purchase history

Expired Item Report 
Batch Report Items 
Prescription Report 
Medical Report 
Medicine Sales by Type Report 
Bonus Item Report 
Rfee / Pack Report 
Stock Movement by Type Report

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